Divorce Litigant Sentenced for Attacking Wife’s Attorney

A Massachusetts man was sentenced on Wednesday to seven to nine years in prison for attacking his wife’s divorce lawyer with a hatchet and wasp spray. The defendant, 54-year-old Michael Kelly of Quincy, was sentenced after pleading guilty on Wednesday to armed assault with intent to murder. Lawyer Robert Johnson described the February attack before the sentencing. Johnson said Kelly attacked him in a parking garage, repeatedly hitting Johnson on the head with a hatchet and spraying him with the insect killer. “I thought, ‘This is it. I’m going to die,’ ” Johnson said. Johnson told the court that he made up his mind during the attack that he would survive, and was able to lie on top of the hatchet after falling to the ground. After the attack, Johnson sought help from a bystander, who recorded and posted a video of the injured lawyer approaching while holding the hatchet.


Source: ABA Journal