Wonderful Experience
I initially retained Jeff Barnes to assist me with some child custody and support issues stemming from a nasty divorce a few years earlier. Jeff did a great job resolving my case not only by really strong-arming the opposition into settling on terms more favorable to me, but also by cooling my impulse to go to trial at all costs. He presented the facts, his expectations at trial and the cost of “winning” in court to me in a way that allowed me to make the smart financial decision to settle. Since that time, Jeff has been my trusted lawyer for all of my personal and business legal needs.

The Absolute Best
My experience with Jeff was absolutely wonderful. I hired Jeff to handle a divorce case with my less-than-reasonable former spouse. While getting divorced is a horrible experience, Jeff did an outstanding job of making the whole ordeal as easy on me as possible. He was clear about potential outcomes, expectations, timelines and costs. Based on feedback I received from some of my friends talking about their experiences with their divorce lawyers, I believe Jeff is the only attorney that could have made the favorable outcome I received possible. I highly recommend Jeff for your family law needs.

Fabulous consultation; great lawyer
I had a consultation with Mr. Barnes a week ago. He was prompt and did not keep me waiting in the lobby like some other lawyers. He listened to my story, reviewed my documents and discussed my case in detail with me. As it turns out, Mr. Barnes had a simple solution for what I thought was going to be a very complicated real estate dispute. His honesty upfront saved me and my family a lot of time and money. I really appreciate that he did not try to scare me or charge me an arm and a leg for his services. While this problem had a quick and happy ending for me, I found myself a great lawyer to help me with all of the my future legal needs. I highly recommend Jeff Barnes for all of your real estate needs.

An attorney you can trust
Jeff saved my kids and didn’t empty out my wallet in the process. If I need a lawyer in the future, I know exactly who to call.

Quality representation for divorce
When what I thought was going to be a nearly uncontested divorce turned nasty, I hired Jeff to represent me. His representation and professionalism was top notch from the moment I met him through the trial. He delivered on his promises and got me a judgment that exceeded what he told me to expect.